Copper Cabling

Q1: What is structured cabling system?
Q2: What are the major components of a Structured cabling system?
Q3: Why do we use Wall Jacks?
Q4: Why do we use Patch Panel?
Q5: Why do we use 110 punchdown block?
Q6: Why do we use hub?
Q7: Why do we use Patch Cables?
Q8: What is 568A standard?
Q9: What is Category 5 cable or Cat 5 Ethernet cable?
Q10: What are Cat 5e cables?
Q11: What is Category 6 & 7?
Q12: What is Power Sum?
Q13: Why do we use Category 6 instead of Enhanced Category 5 Products?
Q14: What is Unshielded Twisted Pair( UTP) Cable?
Q15: What is the major UTP cable Categories?
Q16: What is Screened Twisted Pair Cables (FTP / ScTP)?
Q17: What is Shielded Twisted Pair Cables (STP)?
Q18: What is Coaxial Cables?

Q19: What is Thicknet?
Q20: What is Thinnet?
Q21: What is CATV cables?
Q22: What is Twinaxial cables?
Q23: What is Fiber Optics Cable?
Q24: What is Multi-Mode Fiber Cables?
Q25: What is Single-Mode Fiber?
Q26: What is RJ-45 connector?
Q27: What is IBM Cabling System?
Q28: What is Patch cord bending radius?
Q29: What is Plenum/Non-Plenum cable?
Q30: What is the installation distance?
Q31: What is 568B wiring configuration?
Q32: What is a Demarc?
Q33: What is Cable Topology?
Q34: What is Daisy Chain Topology?
Q35: What is bus Topology?