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High-performance Cisco Ethernet switches for seamless network connectivity, optimized for reliability, scalability, and advanced traffic management. We specialize in offering cutting-edge Cisco Ethernet switches engineered for robust network infrastructure, featuring advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 capabilities, enhanced security protocols, and streamlined management for unparalleled performance and scalability.


Explore our range of Molex copper and fiber cables for reliable and high-speed network connections. Experience unparalleled connectivity with our advanced selection of Molex copper and fiber cables, meticulously engineered for optimal bandwidth, reliability, and seamless integration into diverse networking infrastructures. Explore our collection now!


The amount of energy used to maintain acceptable temperatures in the data center or server room can be greatly reduced by containment.19" Rack containment system is the separation of cold supply airflow from hot air coming out of equipment exhaust.
By separating the air, you are able to save revenue by reducing your energy consumption and improve overall equipment performance and efficiency specially lifetime of equipment.


AXEL FLOOR BOX!!! Accommodate data, AV & power connectivity where it's needed most!

We make contemporary floor boxes that leaves a lasting impression within your infrastructure. Designed as a low-profile box, provides a versatile solution for multiple outlets into a functional, aesthetic and cost-effective box for concrete floor or slab applications. Top covered with a solid Stainless-Steel material with brush strip for added cable protection. Floor box includes internal cut-out plates to make pre & post-pour compartment changes quick and easy.


KAD - Self Service products are designed & manufactured with latest technology backed by continuous research & development, and this enables us to deliver a world class product to our customers at a competitive price.


EVIK Electric Vehicle fast charger is the first EV Charger made in Sri Lanka which includes "CASH" payment facility to its users. This will remove main barrier of users as well as EV charger owners in the industry.


When Conducting presentations or lectures to an audience, you can simply open the course material through this sophisticated digital podium. And via an interactive LED board, the presenter facilitates an interesting output and the listeners grasp information easily.


Video Conferencing systems use the H.323 and SIP protocols so users can rest assured that their VC system is compatible with all major VC brands. Moreover, the new product line Conference Camera provides cloud- and software based video conferencing users more professional tools to grab business opportunities anytime and anywhere. With a number of one-of-a-kind features, smooth full HD imaging, high-quality, budget-friendly video conferencing into reality for all-sized businesses and many more.


IP Communication PBX system designed to achieve essential and advanced communication functions for SOHO or large businesses. Featuring the latest SIP networking technology, extends your business communication everywhere. Now, your business can accomplish faster worldwide communication and lower telephony expenses, resulting in the boosting of overall productivity.


It is important to select correctly designed and manufactured 19” racks for the installation of servers and other valuable ICT equipment. TIMIK 19” Racks incorporate practices & requirements for 19” Rack systems and comply to IEC297 (60297) standard and other major 19” Racks standards in the world. We use Canadian technology for design and manufacture of our 19” Racks and we ensure TIMIK 19” Racks are designed and manufactured to maintain correct climate control levels inside the rack for optimum operation and longer lifetime for valuable ICT equipment.


Unique Lockable Female C13 & C19 IEC Connectors and Outlets The IEC Lock range can be used with any standard IEC inlets & Guards against accidental disconnection of Computers, PDU’s, Servers & most Network Devices

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